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What is Kambo?

Kambo is the secretion of the Phyllomedusa Bicolor or Monkey Tree Frog from the Amazon Rain Forest. The secretion contains many bio peptides that activate the body’s natural immune system and has been found to be very beneficial. Kambo has stepped outside of the Amazon and is reaching across the world as a powerful spiritual teacher and is praised for its healing and purgative abilities.


Kambo is applied topically, via small burns on the top layer of your skin. Small points of Kambo are applied to the exposed layer of skin and are quickly absorbed into the lymphatic system. The Kambo activates quickly once applied, and you may feel changes in body temperature within a few minutes. When the Kambo comes on fully, people feel a variety of physical and metaphysical sensations, potentially followed by a physical purge. Purging has a wide range of expression and may include vomiting, bowel movements, sweating, crying, belching, laughing, or the beginning of menstruation. You also may experience none of these sensations; if purging does not occur, it does not mean that your experience is any less effective. Kambo is truly unique and works with people in a variety of ways. A Kambo Ceremony is not a hallucinogenic experience, despite some misconceptions. During the experience, your practitioner will care for you and monitor you closely, ensuring that you are safe and comfortable and that all of your needs are met. The total effects are short-term and the peak experience will last 20-45minutes. After the session, you may feel replenished and full of energy, or tired and ready to rest.  Kambo has the ability to work in various ways according to the clients priorities and intentions that have been set. Each session is unique and can look very different from previous sessions. Kambo is not psychoactive or illegal and is safe when used with a certified Kambo Practitioner. During your session, your practitioner takes special care to closely monitor and care for all your safety needs.

What you need to know!

Make sure to work with an experienced guide. Kambo is legal in most countries and available online, but it can be difficult to apply the medicine without experience.

A practitioner will not only help with positioning and dose amount (which differs for men and women and the sensitivity of each person), they will also let you know when and how much water to drink, how to position your body, and other aspects that will make the experience more comfortable.

Tools used to administer kambo medicine at The Healing Body


  • Heart conditions
  • Pregnant
  • Breast feeding women, speak to practitioner for exceptions
  • Chemotherapy within the last 4-6 weeks
  • Anyone under the age of 18
  • Medication for low blood pressure
  • Severe Epilepsy
  • Medications for immunosuppressant drugs for organ transplants
  • History of blood clots, strokes or aneurysms
  • Brain Hemorrhage
  • Lack the mental capacity to take the medicine Kambo
  • Serious mental health problems excluding depression and anxiety
  • Elheres Danlos Syndrome
  • Recovering from major medical surgery (contact practitioner)

Energetic and Spiritual Benefits

  • A deeper connection to self
  • Removal of fear, heartbreak and trauma on a cellular level
  • Removal of desperation and feelings of failure
  • Removal of Panama (dark or negative energies)
  • Removal of the dark clouds that were weighing a person down
  • Removal of ancestral patterns
  • Removal of bad luck
  • Life blocks dissolve
  • Chakras become aligned
  • Increased intuition
  • Aura positively shifting and changing
  • Body vibrates higher
  • A renewed sense of hope and trust in the process of life
  • A sense of increased luck
  • Increased attractiveness
  • Increased self-belief
Preparing to administer kambo medicine at The Healing Body


  • Make sure you do not eat for a minimum of 10 hours before you take Kambo.
  • It is RECOMMENDED to eat vegan for a few days prior to the ceremony. Try and avoid a lot of sugar, heavy starches, or really fatty foods if possible.
  • It is advisable not to drink alcohol or consume other psychoactive substances for 24 to 48 hrs before or after the intake.
  • Allow yourself at least 2-3 hours for treatment and recovery, ideally having the rest of the day off from work or stressful obligations.
  • You will need to bring 3 liters of fresh spring water just prior to the application of the medicine.
  • Menstruating woman will need to be aware flow will increase for up to 3 days after taking Kambo medicine.



Please note that services offered on this website constitute any form of medical practice. Kambo is not a medicine. IAKP practitioners are not doctors nor any other form of medical practitioners. We do not diagnose disease, offer health advice, treat physical or mental health issues, or prescribe medicines. Kambo is a shamanic ritual and ceremony from the amazon rain forest – it is not a medical treatment. Participants are advised to do their own research as to the potential benefits of taking Kambo. None are offered or implied here.