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Plan at least an hour and half for your appointment. This will include time to review your intake forms, and any follow-up instructions at the time of checkout. Come with set intentions of what it is you are wanting to focus on. The sky is the limit. It can be as simple as a relaxing spa session or a detailed list of symptoms and concerns to unanswered questions.  The more detailed and specific you are with your intentions the more efficiently we can move through your session, giving you the best experience possible.

The body is much like a computer. It has a hard drive and software that runs our programs. The brain is the processor that carries out the functions of what it’s being told to do. Our heart is the chief operating system that downloads and updates the new software to the brain. Communication from software to the brain can become slowed down or malfunction. This is normal due to everyday life. How hard are you on your body? What kind of stress do you expose yourself to? How well do you take care of your body? What kinds of food and nutrition are you taking in? How much rest and exercise do you get? How well are you staying hydrated? How efficient is your electrical body functioning? How healthy is your mindset and belief systems/self esteem? These are the questions we are asking and looking at when we begin our sessions.

Just like a computer the system can become bogged down and not running efficiently. Viruses and bugs can get in the way of optimal performance. A lot of the soft ware can become outdated or no longer serve the highest good of the system. Together we will determine your priorities and begin the process of healing.

We simply scan through the electrical body looking for any blockages or glitches in the pathways of communication. We reset the chakras, meridians, and wei chi. We clean out the static electricity and and ground your system. We balance and connect your electromagnetic field to mother earths grid. We clear out your energy field and balance the polarities. Once this is reset and optimized we are now ready to clear the hard drive of any programs that are outdated and update the system with new software.

Although massage is part of the session, based on the body’s needs and priorities a full body massage is not always possible. Separate sessions for just massage can be scheduled.

Once we have the body/mind system rebooted and updated we use visceral massage to the organs where we can assess any inflammation or blockage in the digestive system. We will then offer specific coaching on proper diet and nutrition based on what will best serve you, as needed.

Due to high demand, we have carefully researched and selected the highest quality and most affordable nutritional supplements and we have made them available to our clients for purchase in our center. We want to make this process as simple and convenient as possible for our clients.

Most of our clientele is based off of referrals. Each session is unique and customized to your specific priorities, and may look different from one client to another. It can be difficult at times to explain what is happening in each session. Most clients will express something like this. How do I put into words what I have just experienced? Our answer to them is “you don’t.” Trust the process and notice the incredible yet simple shifts in your life. The outcome for each person is unique to their specific intentions and to what there body is requesting at that time. You may feel changes continuing even after your session has completed. This is common and expected. Give your body time to adjust to these therapeutic changes.

New Client Intake Form